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Projection Systems

Sparkvfx is one of the leading projections systems providers in Delhi specializes in projector rent, audio visual equipment rent and other projections systems. Having a good stock of systems we at Sparkvfx provide projection system in Delhi to wide variety o clients.

Our main projection systems include video projectors, audio systems, projector lamps, projection screen, home theater system, audio visual systems, etc. We offer end to end solutions of Projection systems in Gurgaon and Noida. Those of who are looking for projections systems in Delhi and NCR cities can contact us for our service. We offer on rent a wide range of projection systems, audio visual systems, home theater systems, dell projector, Panasonic projector, etc.

We always offer projectors of reputed manufacturers like NEC, Panasonic, Sony and Dell. One can hire our projectors for video presentation, computer image presentation, PowerPoint presentation on a PC or laptop, multimedia video display, or creating a home movie theater with HD or DVD projector. All the projectors have good features of image quality. We offer leading edge video technology rent to the visual communication market in Gurgaon, Noida and Delhi.

Audio Systems
Like our projector systems we also have audio systems of the reputed manufacturers. These audio systems have good sound quality. Whether one needs audio systems for any conference or event we can offer the integrated audio solution. Our audio systems brands are of JBL, Yamaha, NEXO, and QSC.

Projection Screen
Projections screen is also one of the main components of a projections system and these are necessary for any video conferencing or any meetings which displays video to a group of audience. Screens are of blank surface which are used for display of nay projected image. Screens are clipped on a wall or conference room. White and grey screens are used more for clear display of image. However, the brightness of the screen depends on the ambient level and the luminous power of the image source.

Home Theater Systems
Our home theater systems are sourced of the reputed manufacturers which are always known on the market for their good quality. Our home theater systems include systems of JBL, Yamaha and Pioneer. We rent Plasma TV of the branded companies like Panasonic, LG, and Samsung.