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Projector rental

We at Sparkvfx have more than 100 projectors of all reputed brands. As LCD projector is the main needs of our clients we rent our LCD projectors in Delhi. Renting a projector can take away one’s burden of traveling for a business purpose or any social show. The portable projectors are perfect for a PowerPoint, photo side show or nay video presentation. The LCD projectors have good contrast and luminosity levels. The lumens vary from 2000 lumens to 10,000 lumens. For 50 people  2000 lumens projector is good, for more tan 200 people one should hire a projector of 10,000 lumens. We have a good stock of projectors, so we can cater the needs of both small groups and large groups.

Delhi receives thousands of business tourists in day. It is not possible for the business tourists to carry a projector though it is a portable one as there are restrictions on traveling on a flight or train. So, the business professionals want to hire a projector on rent in Delhi while they are on a business trip. Moreover, the companies and social organizations also want to hire a projector for any party or event. Some individuals also hire projections systems for game party, movie nights. We offer projector rental service to all of the aforementioned clients.

Our service is both for short term and long term. Someone might need it for one day or someone might need it for several days. As we have more than 100 projectors, we can suit the budgets of all. It is not like that we rent only projectors, we rent the complete projection systems including LCD projectors, projections screen, lamps, audio systems, Plasma TVs, etc.

What you want to hire from us? 

LCD Projector, Plasma, Video Cameras, Digital Cameras, and Screens, Computer Data Projection for PowerPoint Presentations, Home Theater, Video Projectors, Lighting Kits, Microphones, and Mixers? Tell us about your needs. Our specialists are here to assist you according to your needs and budgets. We know what is projection?

Are you looking for an affordable projector rental service in Delhi? We offer the projectors of brands like Cannon, Panasonic, Acer, Benq, Dell, Epson, etc. Ask for demonstration. Call us at 09211371023